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With a one way ticket one summer, I escaped to my second home and favorite place on earth, Maui, Hawai'i. After weeks of picking tropical fruits and fragrant flowers in the Hawaiian jungle, inspiration took flight.

As a college student studying Business and Beauty Industry Management, I have always been a longtime believer in safe, all-natural beauty products. However, I had always struggled to find a product or brand I could truly trust. So, during my sunlight-filled days on Maui, I began blending island oils, botanical extracts, and exotic herbs from my lush surroundings. After clearing each blemish and nourishing every last flake of skin, it was time to go back to LA.

The evening before my departure back to the mainland, I climbed atop a grassy hill. The sweet, vetiver-scented trade winds blew through my coconut milk-soft hair and delivered a message. It was: share this natural love with the world and inspire self confidence through health and beauty. And right there, in the sunset by the ocean, Kama (kay-muh) Botanicals was born.

Every Kama Botanicals product is 100% pure, natural, and organic, and enveloped in eco-friendly, recycled/recyclable packaging for our people and our planet. Every ingredient is active and inspired by healing Hawaiian botanicals. On top of being as conscientious as possible, Kama Botanicals is also committed to giving back.*

Kama Botanicals is for everyone under the sun and moon.

Since the skin absorbs 60% of what it comes into contact with, Kama Botanicals products are hand-crafted for the healthiest, most beautiful and most radiant you. Inside and out.

In line with the meaning of the name of our company, e
very product is made to please the senses while the mind is simultaneously in harmony. The word, "Kama" refers to sensory enjoyment, emotional attraction and aesthetic pleasure.

Kama means love.


*3% of all proceeds are donated to As You Sow, a non-profit organization that effectively persuades large companies throughout the world to make protecting the environment and human rights central to their decisions. Kama Botanicals believes that taking preventative action is the solution to many global issues that our planet and people are faced with.